More about SMEI Certification

SMEI is the worldwide professional association offering the following professional online certification programs:

  • CME® - Certified Marketing Executive® for Marketing Managers
  • CSE® - Certified Sales Executive® for Sales Managers
  • SCPS™ - SMEI Certified Professional Salesperson for Sales Representatives
  • SCPM™ - SMEI Certified Professional Marketer for Marketing Personnel

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Make Your Personal Brand Perform
Your personal brand as a sales and marketing professional is extremely important.  Sales certification, sales management certification & marketing management certification designations are a powerful brand builder.

Certified Professionals Earn More
Certified professionals are in high demand in the career market place and have higher earning power.

Certification prepares you for greater on-the-job responsibilities.
Certification provides needed tools to anticipate and respond change.

Online Sales and Marketing Courses Available

  • CSE® - Certified Sales Executive® for Sales Managers
  • CME® - Certified Marketing Executive® for Marketing Managers
  • SCPS™ - SMEI Certified Professional Salesperson for Sales Representatives
  • SCPM - SMEI Certified Professional Marketer for Marketing Personnel

E-Book Contents 

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  • Online Course Descriptions
  • Benefits of Designation
  • Certification Process
  • How To Prepare
  • And more!
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